branding + design
for women-owned small businesses

Your brand is a story waiting to be told — let's tell it together.

branding + design
for women-owned small businesses

branding + design
for women-owned small businesses

So. Here’s the thing...

You’ve got an aspiring or growing business (cheers to you!) and you deserve branding that works as hard as you do. That means going deeper than a pretty logo and a coordinated colour palette. You need a brand that will resonate with the right audience, build their trust, and have them knocking on your virtual door to work with you. Why? Because when you’re empowered with strategic branding that tells the story of who you are, what you do, and why you do it...well, that’s when the magic happens.

Who's ready to put their passion to paper (eh-em, screen)? Hands up if this sounds like you:

You work hard.

You want to attract the right people to your business and you're ready for a brand that matches your energy.

You've got a big and clear vision.

You've spent countless hours dreaming of a booked calendar filled with aligned and high-end clients.

You know what it takes to smash your goals.

You're willing to do the work, and you‘re ready to hit the ground running with a scroll-stopping brand and a purpose-driven strategy to back it up.

Sounds familiar? If so, we'd make a really good fit!

Hiya, I’m Adrienne!

Designer. Strategist. Mother of dragons houseplants.

We haven’t officially met yet, but I’m willing to bet we have a lot in common:

We’re both women-owned businesses, pursuing our passions and building our dream careers.

We’re go-getters, dreamers, doers.

We’re both using our talents to help others thrive.

I also know that every brand has a story, and there’s a lot more to both of ours. I can’t wait to hear yours, but here’s a little more of mine in the meantime.


New to the world of branding and design?

I get it—there’s a lot of industry lingo to wrap your head around! Not to worry, though, I’ve got you covered. Head over to The Mighty Bean Talk blog to brush up on some of the most important terms to know, and head into your next branding project with confidence. Thank me later!

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