Case Study: Rosie Moore

The Client: Rosie Moore

Rosie Moore is a certified accountability coach for weight loss, fitness and nutrition. She’s also an international speaker and workshop facilitator. Rosie works with entrepreneurs, high-performing executives and working parents, creating customized nutrition and fitness programs that meet them where they are and empower them to reach their personal fitness and wellbeing goals.


The Project:

Before working with Mighty Bean Co., Rosie Moore had hired a designer from 99designs to create her visual identity (image below). But as a luxury service catering to established professionals, the branding didn’t meet her needs. Not only did it not align with the value that she brought to her clients, but it also felt dated, disjointed and lacked cohesion. Rosie Moore needed an elevated brand that wouldn’t just position her as an expert in her industry but also as a premium investment in her clients’ personal health and wellbeing journey.

Before diving into a comprehensive brand strategy for Rosie, we identified three key challenges she was facing in her brand:

  • Her business was gearing up for the next growth phase and expansion into new offerings but didn’t have a roadmap to guide her
  • Her current branding wasn’t cohesive and lacked cross-platform continuity
  • The personal fitness industry had boomed during the pandemic, leading to more competition and saturation in the accountability coaching market

These highlighted challenges also identified the branding opportunities ahead of us.

Rosie Moore's old branding by 99designs

Creating a Custom Strategy for Rosie Moore

After doing an audit of Rosie’s brand, along with industry research and a competitor analysis, it was clear that while she had a lot of indirect competitors, her service offering was unique and her target audience was niche. Every element of Rosie’s strategy — her mission, vision and purpose statements, values, buyer journey, brand voice and personality — needed to reflect this individuality.

Key elements of the custom strategy we built were “sub-strategies” to help position Rosie as a thought leader on LinkedIn and to create a luxurious and memorable experience for her clients. These sub-strategies were direct solutions to some of the brand challenges we identified at the start of the project.


Designing the Rosie Moore Brand

After finalizing the custom strategy, it was time to focus on the visual expression of Rosie Moore’s brand.

The strategy behind the visual identity was inspired by the luxurious nature of Rosie’s services, her audience’s emotions and the brand values of compassion and connection. The logo suite is made up of four variations (primary, secondary, brand mark and full-stack) and incorporates two different, but complimentary, sans serif typefaces to strike the balance between approachability and professionalism.


Logo strategy for Rosie Moore

Rosie Moore accountability coach

Rosie Moore accountability coach

The brand’s 8-colour palette has an overall professional, modern and mature aesthetic.

Green was intentionally chosen as the dominant primary colour, symbolizing the sense of renewal Rosie Moore’s clients feel after working with her. Orange, another primary colour in the palette, stimulates the senses while conveying confidence, energy and warmth. The brand’s secondary colours bring natural energy and excitement to the palette, while neutral colours were added to bring overall balance and reiterate the maturity of the target audience.

Brand colour palette for Rosie Moore

Arapey and Poppins make up the brand’s font pairing. The blend of a serif (Arapey) and sans-serif (Poppins) typeface establish a visual hierarchy to be used consistently throughout Rosie Moore’s branding and marketing.

Font pairing for Rosie Moore

All these elements — her logo suite, colour palette and font pairing — were then applied to custom templates created for Rosie Moore’s Instagram. To ensure each element was on-brand and retained its intricacy, the 20 templates were designed in Adobe Illustrator and then exported and recreated in Canva for easy and on-the-go use.


Instagram templates for Rosie Moore

“I have much more ease and clarity when it comes to creating marketing materials now. It’s removed the overwhelm and time spinning my wheels.” – Rosie Moore

The Result

After several months of creative partnership with Rosie Moore, not only were we able to redesign her visual identity, but we also created a robust and custom strategy to guide her as she takes on the next growth phase in her business.

When asked about her experience working with Mighty Bean Co., this is what Rosie had to say:

“You were a true customized service and distinctly different in that you helped me get clarity on my branding strategy and then designed my brand around that. The level of depth and the types of questions you asked were important in our process. You took time to understand what I did, who I served and how I want to show up , as well as how I intend to grow. You also taught me what to understand and consider with branding strategy. It felt like a partnership, and I really appreciated that.”

You’re more than welcome, Rosie. I can’t wait to see where your new and elevated branding takes you!

Rosie Moore is a certified accountability coach for weight loss, fitness and nutrition, an international speaker and a workshop facilitator. In 2023, she hired Mighty Bean Co. to rebrand her small business in preparation for her next growth phase and expansion into new offerings.

Rosie Moore accountability coach

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